September 21, 2019

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Arizona Lawmakers Make Life Even Harder for State’s Unemployed Population

A new law in Arizona could put more stress on the unemployed. Currently, in order to maintain unemployment insurance in the state, one must take the first “suitable” position offered. But under the new statute, which is set to take effect at the … [Read More...]

Arizona Common-Law Marriage and Wrongful Death Claims

If you’re confused about common-law marriage, you’re not alone. The legal status of your relationship may not hold much significance to you. After all, it’s a deeply personal subject and what matters is what is between the two of you. But when you … [Read More...]

Arizona Alcohol Laws

When it comes to alcohol-related crimes and penalties, Arizona has some of the strictest laws in the entire country, especially with DUI (driving under the influence) offenses. Alcohol Consumption Laws The legal drinking age in Arizona is 21 and, … [Read More...]